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 End mill

* High Speed and Hardened steel   

* Standard End Mills

* Soft Material Cutting    

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Rib Ball End Mill (2F)   Rib Flat End Mill (2F)   Rib Nose Radius End Mill(2F)
Description:   Description:   Description:
Rib Nose Radius End Mill(4F)   Nose Radius End Mill(2F)   Ball End Mill (2F)
Description:     Description:
Flat End Mill (2F)   Flat End Mill (4F)   Power Flat Ball End Mill (6F)
Description:   Description:   Description:
R&F Ball End Mill
(Roughing & Finishing)
  Taper Neck Ball End Mill (2F)
  Taper Ball End Mill (2F)
Taper Flat End Mill (2F)


Reamer and Drills

Solid Drill   Solid Coolant Drill/TIN   Solid Center Drill
Solid NC Drill   HSS Spiral Chucking Reamer   HSS machine Reamer
Solid carbide Reamer   Solid carbide Spiral Reamer   Tip carbide Reamer